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How do I merge contacts that are not already flagged as duplicates?

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In order to merge two contact records, the records must first be flagged as potential duplicates. We can trigger potential duplicates by editing the contact. How you edit the contact will depend on whether or not the records have home addresses or not:

If the contact records have no home address or email address

Simply update the last name of one record to match the other. After that, the two records will be flagged as potential duplicates, which you can review and merge.

If the two contacts have the same home address

Update the last name of one to match the other, but also add something to the first name (or middle name) to distinguish it from the first record (like the number “1”). You have to do this because you can’t save a contact if they match another contact exactly. Save your changes to the contact. The contacts now have matching last names and home addresses and will be flagged as potential duplicates for you to resolve.



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